YEP-E Amplifier All-Zone Wall-Mounted

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• Digital broadcasting system control panel for emergencies and

business operations

• Input: Emergency/Daily integrated function microphone:

-40dBV 600Ω unbalanced

Timer (time notification): 0dBV 600Ω unbalanced

Pre-service use amplifier: 0dBV 600Ω balanced

Emergency audio input: 0dBV 600Ω unbalanced

• Output: Emergency/Daily integrated service output:

0dBV 15Ω balanced

• Emergency alarm tone: English audio alarm tone (Can add multi language audio according to on site requirements)

(First signal tone, second signal tone, inducted alarm broadcast, fire alarm broadcast, non-fire broadcast)

• Built-in three-stage fire alarm module: Male voice/fire alarms; Female voice/early warning, false alarms, alarm lifted.

• Priority mode: Can select between level prioritization, first order prioritization, post order prioritization modes

• Large fire alarm broadcast indicating lamp

• Built-in hand-held emergency microphone with echo suppression

• Can connect to up to eight LCD remote microphone (optional)

• Can connect to up to eight annunciator syncing (optional)

• Can write in pre-set contents on the computer into the EEPROM memory

• Equipped with a communication port for connection to an Yun Yang Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel relay

communication system, avoiding the need for a separate alarm relay interface equipment, reducing wiring,

labor, and cost.