TYY is one of the well-known fire safety manufacturers. It occupies over 400 square meters, and is founded in Kaohsiung Taiwan in 1999. Our company regards the public demand for safety as our own and commits to the design and manufacturing of fire alarm control panels, integrated voice evacuation systems, PA speakers and fire detectors.

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Our company holds the spirit of “not producing, not accepting and not selling defective products”. All TYY products are manufactured under a strict quality control system. Our commitment to quality is evinced by the certification of National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Internal Affairs and Ministry of Economic Affairs, under ISO9001:2015 recognized standard of quality management system.


We focus on quality and after-sales services, and offer technical training engineer courses that meet customers needs more reliably and efficiently, we have set up subsidiaries over 700 sales locations across the country and occupied first place in domestic market. Recently, our business expands to Southeast Asian countries, and worldwide.


TYY’ CEO Mr. Zhang Lai-Chuan is rewarded for “good people and good deeds representative”. During Director of Kaohsiung United Charity Association he undertakes public sector to carry on “Homeless shelter and homeless service”,"Poverty and Assistance to Family Planning” and establish second generation with anti poverty programs such as “Harbor City Collective Student Loan”, Youth Pre-Employment Training Program”, utility food coupon  to help “Seeing Hope Express Service”. Besides, he has the idea of “taking from the community and giving back to society” and leading  employees to make monthly donation to support deprived families with “food coupon ”, to help families in need, in cognition of corporate social responsibility.



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