YR3-01 Monitoring/Control Module (with EOL)

  • Equipped with status indicators for three states: monitoring, action and error.
  • Applies binary DIP switch allowing for easy setting of addresses.
  • Dual-wire multi-transmission technology.
  •  Stable communication, resistant to noise and interference.
  • Self-testing function for disconnected and active states.
  • Expandable with smoke detectors, rate of rise heat detectors and fixed temperature detectors without the need for external power.
  • Signal display method:

            Action: Red light on.

            Disconnected: Red light flashing.

            Monitoring: The red light flashes every 2.5 seconds.

  • Installation Method: Surface-mounted type: Connected in parallel to the aluminum rail groove fixed structure, fitted with a movable track clamp, can be installed or removed individually.
  •  Able to confirm contact via manual call point A. Once the signal is boosted, it will transmit the signal to the Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel via the control module, and the manual call point’s indicator will light up to show that the signal originates from the manual call point’s boosted signal.
  • Equipped with a control switch to confirm monitoring point M’s contact, confirming that the equipment is indeed monitoring (double confirmation notification), and transmits the signal to the Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel’s LCD screen display, so that the user can determine whether the control equipment is indeed on. For example: Functions such as signal feedback after the gate is opened, the feedback signal to confirm that the overhead door is lowered, the feedback signal to confirm that the windmill is operating, the feedback to confirm the location and relay.




2 Circuit Input / 1Circuit Control Output

Input    Detection     

Smoke, Fixed Temperature, Rate of Rise Heat and NO type(L,C)

Other Monitoring Inputs

NO zero voltage source signal M+(monitoring contact),

A(confirmation contact)

Control Output

With power(DC24V) or trigger contact (COM,NO,NC)

Output Contact Rating

DC 30V / 2A (MAX)

Communication Line Impedance

Internal impedance below 10Ω / trunk line

Working Environment

0℃-50℃ Relative humidity of below 90%


Flame resistant plastic


59.8(W) x 80(L) x 32.5(H)mm

Dust proof/Water proof grade

IP30 (optional)

R-type-designated E.O.L

terminal capacitor (not resistor)