YDT-S01 Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

Operating Principle

  • When the ambient temperature rises to the preset temperature, the double-sided metal of the sensor will flip and conduct due to the difference in expansion coefficients. Once triggered, a signal is sent to the fire alarm control panel to complete the fire detection process.



  • The detector uses UL-certified fixed temperature sensor that has passed quality control and repeated testing for stable and reliable detection of fires.
  • Dual light guide makes the alarm visible from all angles.
  • A common base makes installation very convenient.
  • Sealed design prevents dust and moisture from entering and affecting functionality.
  • Suitable for places with high temperature or rapid changes in temperature, such as kitchens or restaurants.



Rated temperature

 70 °C

  Activating  temperature  

 Rated temperature × 125%

 Activation within 120 seconds

Rated voltage


Rated current


Relative humidity

 0 ~ 95%

Ambient temperature

 0℃ ~ +50℃


  Flame-resistant plastic (UL94V-0 compliant)  




Effective monitoring area

Height from ground

Building structure

1 type

< 4 m

Fireproof building materials

60 square meters

General building materials

30 square meters

> 4 m < 8 m

Fireproof building materials

30 square meters

General building materials

15 square meters