YDS-S01 Photoelectric Smoke Detector








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  • Insect net is used to prevent dust, insects and other objects from entering and triggering a false alarm
  • Photoelectric smoke detector detects rapidly and stably
  • It has high sensitivity and low rates of false alarms so you can use it without worries.
  • Ring-shaped warning light makes the alarm visible from all angles
  • We use a common base for detectors, which makes installation very convenient
  • Green monitoring indicator clearly shows when the detector is functioning normally
  • Easy to maintain and reuse.
  • No polarity wiring to avoid wiring errors
  • Equipped with contacts for remote indication of light, relay, and normal use, making it suitable for system connections and control (optional)


Activating concentration

15%.Activation within 30 seconds

Rated voltage


Rated current


Current monitor

Less than 35μA

Relative humidity

0 ~ 95%

Ambient temperature

0℃ ~ +50℃




Effective monitoring area

Height from ground

2 types

< 4 m

150 square meters

> 4 m < 20 m

75 square meters