YF-3 Fire Alarm Control Panel










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  • Integrated circuit indicators :

  Each circuit is equipped with LED indicators for fire, circuit break and short circuit,respectively.

  • The fire alarm circuit and the indicator circuit are able to detect circuit break and offer protection against short circuit.
  • The system can monitor battery over-charging and the voltage of the stand-by battery to ensure that the panel functions well in all circumstances to prevent from disaster.
  • Each circuit is equipped with a testing button to ensure the normal function of initiating circuits.
  • Operations are controlled by a key to prevent false alarms caused by accidental touch.
  • Error detection for voltage source :

  Whenever a voltage error is detected by the system, an error alarm will sound and〝charger fault〞an indicator will illuminated.

  • Two-stage alarm delay function to prevent false alarms :

  At the first stage, when the detector sends the signal for the first time, the control panel will automatically reset the signal and enter the second stage for standby after 8 seconds.

 At the second stage, if there is another signal sent by the detectors within 9-40 seconds, the control panel will triggered the fire alarm, else reset the alarm signal. This will prevent the control panel from sending false alarms.

  • “Self-reset" mode and "Non Self-reset" mode are available for operators to set if they want the panel to automatically reset the fire alarm signals after the fire signal is released or not.
  • Separate control switches for Buzzer, Bell isolate, Aux isolate, Non-latching, Self-reset and Reset.
  • Digital electronic switches are used for dust proofing and to ensure lasting life.
  • Equipped with many function indicators :

alarm, power supply and circuit connection fault.

  • Warning sounder is always made automatically with loud sound.
  • Many zone circuit configurations are available :

1L, 2L, 4L, 5L, 8L, 12L, 16L, 20L, 24L(32L ABS only)






 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel



Power Source

 240V AC 50 / 60 HZ ±10%

Standby Battery

 24V DC

Charging Voltage

 Below 26V DC 450mA, trickle charging

Circuit Voltage

 24V DC operation voltage under 10~11V DC 32mA

Rated Impedance

 Below 50Ω

Detector Connection

 No limitation for Conventional Rate of Rise or Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors;

 Up to 30 Photoelectric Smoke Detectors can be connected per zone (monitor current for detectors : 24V DC 40μA )

E.O.L. Resistor


No. of Indicators

 The same as the number of zones (LED indicator lamp)

No. of Bells

 The same as the number of zones





Cabinet Material

 Powder coating steel (up to 24L only) / Flame retardant ABS enclosure (up to 32L only)

Main Audio

 Mono tone sounder (above 85dB for 1m distance)

  Alarm Relay Contact

 No-voltage NO contact; capacity 250V AC / 7A  


Dimensions (Steel)

Number of Loops





  330×280×120 mm  

  400×300×120 mm  

  495×300×120 mm  


Dimensions (ABS)

Number of Loops





  260×330×96 mm  

  400×300×126 mm  

  370×480×90 mm