Stand Alone Fixed Heat Detector YDT-H02

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  • Audible and easy to understand audio broadcasts for children and seniors.
  • Uses durable lithium battery.
  • Suitable for houses.
  • Equipped with an automatic test function, users would be notified of any faults immediately.
  • Ring-shaped with high brightness alarm indication, without any blind angles.
  • Easy to install without any wires. (wall-mounted type available)


Installation location 

  • In order to achieve optimum protection effectiveness, the detector can be installed in every individual room, such as the bedroom, kitchen, stairway, hallway, attic, living room, storage room and basement.
  • (If the length of the hallway or each individual room is more than 10 meters, it is recommended to install more than one voice alarm detector).



Operation Principle

 Heat Detection

 Operating  concentration / temperature 

 Operating temperature 65°C

Operating    State

 Ring type with LED flashes and broadcasts fire alarm warnings in English

Low Voltage

 If the voltage is under 2.69 V, it will chirp sounds every 88 seconds as a reminder  

Fault status

 If any fault is detected, it will keep playing the "fault"sound.

Power supply

 DC3V/Designated lithium battery

 ※ Battery life might depend on the conditions  of use.

Sound output

 Over 80dB for 1m

Ambient temperature



 102 mm (diameter) × 43 mm (high)


 Approx. 113 grams