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  • Light angle can be adjusted to the most suitable angle.
  • Fitted with a two-row charging indicating lamps guide column, can be used for night time guidance, with an intricate and beautiful design.
  • Uses 24 large ultra bright LEDs to ensure a large area can be illuminated during a power outage.
  • Attractive exterior design saving space required, while also fitted with a power source switch that allows for portable emergency lighting.
  • Does not require water nor maintenance, able to be charged and discharged over 300 times.
  • Fully automatic charge control, the cable is fitted with over charging protection functions, effectively extending the battery's lifetime and enhancing its safety and reliability.
  • Uses trickle charging, charging via a larger current right after it is discharged, when it is fully charged it will automatically switch to a smaller current to maintain the charge.

Model number


Power consumption


Color temperature


Battery specifications

 3.6V / 700mAh nickel-cadmium batteries

Total luminous flux


Rated voltage

 AC110V / 60Hz

Rated current


Charge time required

 24 hours

Lighting time

 Over 90 minutes


 146(L) × 128(W) × 48(D) mm